ERE. Evaluation. Refurbishment. Exit.

Basically we are interested in any distressed retail portfolio, provided that the properties are located in the D-A-CH countries.

Prior to any investment decision, we carry out an in-depth stocktake, clarify the legal and tax framework, adjust the appropriate financing conditions, and analyse each individual property in terms of risk, return, liquidity and performance. Already at this initial stage a carefully selected team of high-calibre specialists is our constant companion.

Once the purchase of the property company, or companies, has been made we bring in other specialists. They develop an individual strategy for each property in the portfolio. Always taking account of cash flow modelling, efficiency calculations, and scenario analyses. We are not satisfied with the work of our team until we are certain that they are getting the best out of each property.

As we are no asset manager we will care for a deal flow in due time and search specifically for a suitable buyer at the most appropriate time.